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Please don't steal my artwork, I worked really hard on each pic.


101 drabbles of Vincent Valentine. #3: Don't Go
3. Don't Go
You stood in the doorway of the front door, watching his from growing smaller and smaller and eventually disappearing.
You wished he didn't have to go. Your heart felt like it was torn into two pieces and he was carrying the other half with him.
You pleaded that he wouldn't have to go, but he had to.
"It's business. I must go. I'll promise to be careful." He said before he left.
'Don't go, Vincent. I need you. Don't go!' You silently pleaded as he left.
:iconmsdraculina:MsDraculina 15 3
101 drabbles of Vincent Valentine. #2: Smile
2. Smile
"Vincent, you need to smile. You NEVER smile!" You said as you and Vincent stood on the roof of Seventh Heaven, overlooking the sunset.
He sighed. "I have no reason to smile,____." His tone was impassive, as usual.
Your eyes narrowed in exasperation. "Yes, you do! How could you say something like that?"
"Then, what is it?" He questioned as if there really wasn't a reason.
"Me! You helped me through a lot. You saved me from drowning in my own darkness, Vincent." You said with all the love and compassion you could put in your voice.
The think that you thought he would never do, he did. He smiled.
:iconmsdraculina:MsDraculina 17 1
101 drabbles of Vincent Valentine #18: Empty Threa
"Vincent, I swear that if you sneak up on me like that again, I will leave this place and never come back!" You exclaimed as you yelled at said man.
He just stood there, calmly taking in your rants and empty threats. He knew you would never leave him or the mansion.
No matter how many times you yelled empty threats at him, you never left or called him Vinny, or anything like that.
After all, they were just empty threats.
:iconmsdraculina:MsDraculina 11 0
101 drabbles of Vincent Valentine #25: Savior
You were cornered as your attacker approached, knife ready in case you tried to escape. Your heart raced and you wanted to scream for someone, but fear was paralyzing you.
"Well, lil' lady, looks like you're mine," the creeper said in a lustful voice.
You closed your eyes shut, waiting for the attack, but it never came. Instead, you heard the soft click of a gun.
Your eyes slowly opened and you saw your attacker was froze, eyes wide with fear.
You looked beyond, and found a tall dark figure standing right behind him with a triple-barrel revolver pointed at the man's head.
"Move away from the girl. If you choose not to comply, you WILL regret it," the dark man threatened.
The molester moved away in terror, then ran for his life.
"You alright?" The mysterious man asked impassively.
You nodded, still shaken. Your eyes locked with his crimson ones.
This man was your savior, whoever he was.
That was how you two met. And he was still your savior, and always would be.
:iconmsdraculina:MsDraculina 14 8
101 drabble of Vincent Valentine #36: Passion
Ever since you had kissed him on his birthday, that small spark in his heart ignited into something more than just love. Oh, yes, something far more than he had expected.
His heart pounded, pumping the fire in his veins through his body. He found himself a little short of breath as well. What was this feeling? It toyed around with his thoughts, digging up desires from deep within his heart that he didn't even know were there. Sometimes, even certain thoughts flickered through his mind and he shook his head a little to clear them away.
'Could that kiss have ignited that small spark of love to passion?' He wondered.
His gaze turned upon you for a moment, 'Yes, that is possible...quite possible.' A small smirk made its way across his face at the thought.
:iconmsdraculina:MsDraculina 17 6
Vincent Valentine X Reader: Chap.8 Explanations
"Weeell we didn't do anything TOO extreme." Cloud draws out, trying to figure out a way to break the news to everyone.
"Your definition of 'extreme' might be different from ours." You point out much to Cloud's dismay.
"Are you trying to torture me?"
"Maybe." Says Yuffie grinning evilly. Cloud gulps almost inaudibly, but your heightened senses pick up on it. You glare at Yuffie.
"We are interrogating him Yuffie not scaring the Mako out of the poor boy!"
"Is that possible?" Asks Reno. Everyone glares at him as usual.
"Continue Cloud." Says Vincent monotonously.
"Must I go into detail?" Stammers a poor cornered Cloud.
"You know on second thought I would rather not be scarred." Says Yuffie getting up and dragging Reno by the ear out the door with her. Both couples shift their eyes to the couple leaving and then back to each other. You cross your legs on top of the counter and lean forward telling Cloud that you had no intention of leaving.
"It was nothing dramatic..."
"Did Tifa lose
:iconfireflowerdragon:FireFlowerDragon 5 5
Vincent Valentine X Reader: Chap. 7 Dares P.2
Vincent slams the door and throws you on the bed locking said door. "Any reason why you feel like teasing me? You're tempting enough as it is without this!" He gestures wildly at all of you.
"Wow Vincent you're really letting yourself go huh? I've never seen you this emotional."
"Don't tease with me (y/n)" he growls "I can't deal with that right now." You bite your lip nervously. "And please stop biting your lip, you don't know how much restraint I'm exercising." You look up at him and feel yourself blush at the intense look he's giving you, red eyes darkened to almost a maroon color. You're sure you're (e/c) eyes have darkened too. "We can't do this, not now, I brought you here to talk." He states running his hand through his long messy hair.
"What about?" He looks at you judging if you're being serious.
"About dares." You feel your cheeks flare an even brighter red. "What was yours?"
"I...I had to kiss you." You stuttered which was rare considering you never stuttered. Well, almost n
:iconfireflowerdragon:FireFlowerDragon 5 25
Vincent Valentine x Reader: Chap. 6 Dares P.1
"Cloud? What are you laughing at?" the (h/c) haired girl asks eying the male warily. Cloud did not usually act like this, and every few minutes he would look at her then at Vincent laughing hysterically. Vincent had his usual monotone air appearing not to be bothered, but you? You were a different story. You had a quick temper, and while you were able to rein it in it didn't stop you from getting pissed easily. "Cloud Strife!" You yelled at the spiky blonde haired male. "What in the name of the ancients are you laughing at!?!"
"Can'" You groaned and threw a pencil at him. "Hey! I just got hit in the head with a book yesterday!"
"Well it's not my fault that your specialty is getting on the bad side of most girls!"
"You said most."
"Why thank you captain obvious!"
"What did you mean by most?"
"Figure it out!" You grabbed you pencil off the floor near Cloud's feet and went back to your sketch book. A white wolf coming alive underneath your fingertips.
"Why must girl
:iconfireflowerdragon:FireFlowerDragon 5 6
Vincent Valentine X Reader: Chap. 5 T+D=T
Vincent walked blindly down the street, or was it streets? He had lost track and didn't care anyway. That girl...she could see right through him every time. He didn't notice when he left the city. He just kept on walking until he found a cliff overlooking the city. He sat down and stared off into space
To Cloud and Reno
"Wait up Cloud!" pants Reno "Not all of us have enhanced abilities here!"
"I didn't even know that you could use the word enhanced Reno." Says Cloud distracted but still in the mood to take some jabs at Reno.
"Shut up Reno I can hear his footsteps."
"You have freaky hearing now?"
"No, dude he's wearing heavy boots. Even you can hear him."
"What are we waiting for then?"
"I'm good, lets go!"
To the girls
"We need some girl time!" Announces Tifa. "Let's  play T or D."
"Fine but you go first." Yuffie sighs at Tifa's exciteme
:iconfireflowerdragon:FireFlowerDragon 5 6
Vincent Valentine X Reader: Chap. 4 Drawings
The girl twirled her pencil biting her lower lip as she looked at her portrait of Cloud. It was missing something, just then Cloud walked in swinging his buster sword around causally. Behind the bar Tifa ducked and yelped "Cloud what did I say about the weapons?"
"Sheathed or kept outside." Cloud mimicked in his best Tifa voice, the result was a book being thrown at his head. He glared balefully in the direction that Tifa had last been in, she had ducked underneath the bar table to avoid any attacks. The girl looked back at her drawing chuckling softly and erased the sheathed buster sword. Putting it in Cloud's left hand instead. Then she flipped to her portrait of Tifa and quietly scrawled Cloud with a heart in the corner. Yuffie's was done so was Reno's, she just needed to finish Vincent's. She started with the cape, sketching the rest of his getup before she came to the face. Always the most difficult part, Reno had a goofy smile plastered on his face, and eyes that held a childlike
:iconfireflowerdragon:FireFlowerDragon 9 3
Vincent Valentine X Reader: Chap. 3 Powers
You stand on the wire, balancing perfectly because of your powers. Your powers were different from Sephiroth's. You got the survival part of the bargain. You couldn't do much psychic based stuff, you could make small illusions and if you really tried hear a word or two of people's thoughts. You could teleport yourself and other people, you didn't know how many though. You had the abilities of animals, all animals like enhanced speed, agility, ect. As a result of the animal abilities you aged slower and would eventually stop when you were about 26, so you looked about ten or more years younger than Sephiroth even though you were only two days younger. Your non-material magic consisted of healing, shields, etc. You could shape-shift, and had hidden fangs that could come out for biting if it came to that. But the most powerful thing that you could do was almost like a last resort power stage. It had only happened once. When you had come across Sephiroth on your travels.
Flash back
:iconfireflowerdragon:FireFlowerDragon 4 13
Vincent Valentine X Reader: Chap. 2 Sins
Just so you all know all my writing is in third person P.O.V.
The girl tossed and turned in her sleep reliving the nightmare that came every night. She had hoped that talking with Vincent would help her, but it was obvious that she would need to gain his trust first. For now she was stuck.
The girl looked in shock at the letter in her hand. It couldn't be true no way no how, but she had a sinking feeling in her gut that it was. It would explain her strange abilities. Only her caretaker had known, and he had been slaughtered by that ruthless killer. Who apparently was her...she couldn't even think of him! She thought fiercely as she began to pack her things. She was going to leave, leave her past burn this letter. But as she went to burn the horrid thing the window broke, in stalked Sephiroth. "Hello sister" he purred, just as he w
:iconfireflowerdragon:FireFlowerDragon 4 3
For Vincent Valentine Lovers
You sat on the roof of Seventh Heaven, looking up and down the streets, looking for a certain someone. And that certain someone was Vincent Valentine, your all-time crush. You had a MAJOR crush on him ever since you met him. You loved him a lot, but never told him because you were afraid to hurt or upset him.
Your eyes lit up as soon as you sptted the familiar man walking down the street. A smile crossed your features as you got up and walked to the door that led you to the stairs that brought you back into the hallway of the apartment above the bar. You ran down the steps, down the hall, and down the stairs that led you into the bar. You entered the bar just as Vincent entered.
He walked to his 'brooding' corner and stood there. You walked over to him and smiled, a blush visibly brushing your cheeks.
"Hi, Vincent! How are you?" You curiously asked.
His gorgeous crimson eyes fixed upon you before answering in his deep voice, "...fine. You?" His tone was emotionless, but you caught the
:iconmsdraculina:MsDraculina 67 9
101 drabbles of Vincent Valentine. #1: Happy
1. Happy
You smiled as your (e/c) eyes fell upon the dark figure as he entered the bar. The gunman just happened to be Vincent Valentine, the one and only man you cared for and loved.
He was what made you happy. Your heart lightened whenever you were around him. You felt like you could be yourself when you were around him without even trying.
Your dark past was behind you because he helped you through it all. And because of that, he was the only one who made you happy.
:iconmsdraculina:MsDraculina 20 8
101 drabbles of Vincent Valentine. # 9: Thank You
Vincent carried your exhausted form up the stairs to your bedroom. He gently eased you onto the bed and tucked you in. A smile crawled across your face as he did so.
He'd done so much for you and saying what needed to be said, could only be summed up into two words.
And as he turned to leave, you whispered, "Thank you, Vincent."
You drifted off before he could react.
:iconmsdraculina:MsDraculina 14 0
101 drabbles of Vincent Valentine #11: Please
You smirked mischievously as you held the red cloak triumphantly in front of Vincent.
"_____, I need my cloak back." He impassively stated.
"Ah, ah, ah! What's the magic word?" You sang.
He deadpanned and gave an irritated sigh. "May I have my cloak back, please?" He sounded annoyed.
You laughed as you tossed him the cloak. "Vincent, saying please is not that hard. It's simple. Plus, saying it has its rewards." You giggled as he sighed and walked away.
:iconmsdraculina:MsDraculina 15 4


Dragons, Humans and Minecraft Pixel Art
I will start doing commissions from dragons to humans and Pixel Art on Minecraft, depends on the differentiality. I will not do animals, sonic characters or monsters.  



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Car issues and more

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 26, 2016, 5:51 PM
A few days ago, my car broke down(I was able to drive it home and to the auto repair shop) and I still down have my car. Oh joy... I hope I get it back tomorrow morning, but I doubt it. I guess this is what I get for owning a Ford...

Other then that, I'm getting my old printer up and running again, just need black ink. So I can post art again, besides the Gmod scenes I been doing. And maybe a few stories, mostly Transformers and Pokémon.  I miss being here, just been very busy. I do have photos to post that I've taken.

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MMMMMMM Shoes Smell Nice
Yes, she likes my smelly shoes and socks. She would roll around on my socks, rubbing on them, licking, and chewing. She rolls around on my shoes as well. Think she's broken.
What you doing human
Here's my cat being a brat. She has a habit of stealing chairs and peeking out of them. She was also busy trying to eat my hand.
Hi I am snek
This is my brother's Blizzard Cornsnake. I just cleaned her cage/tank and she likes to burrow. This is what I get. She isn't handled much but is fine when handled.


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